Friday, January 20, 2017

A Few Days in Italy

A photo heavy post for a day that will probably be remembered. I spent most of December running around western Europe. I spent only a few brief days in Italy. Landing in Rome, then promptly heading to the Sorrento Peninsula to the town of Meta.  
A grove Pinus pinea in Rome.

Temporary siding during construction.  

A kindred spirit in Meta. Surprisingly no Aeoniums.  

I did not know Cycads  would do this.

One of the only cultivars of Phormiums I saw in Europe. 

Some wild Brassica at the edge of field. 

Small streets, small trucks large palms.  

Intended symmetry. I wonder how they keep these watered. 

A cemetery above Meta with ancient Italian Cyprus. 

An inviting Citrus grove above town.

The organization of these market gardens was incredible. 

Mixed use, note the scaffolding above the citrus. 

Olives, loquats and peaches. 

A typical street scene above Meta. 

My first spotted Crocus in the wild.

I would not mind this Verbascum in my garden.


Just some Cyclamen hanging out under alders. 

Mt Vesuvius. 

Euonymus in the wild. 

Arbutus unedo with Mt. Vesuvius in the background.

Quite a trail. 
Chamaerops humilis in their native habitat 
Mor vegetable garden envy.

Again with the scafolding.

The right kind of leaf litter.

One day I would love house with a opening like this.

A summer sitting area, a project for that patio. 

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