Saturday, October 28, 2017

Late October in SW Washington

After the October of last year (record rainfall) we have been fortunate in the Northwest. The final gasp of summer has continued on an on.  Here are a few vignettes from the last couple of weeks. 

Nolina in the garden.

Tuna fruit at the Lyle country diner.  Lyle, Washington.
Oscar the dog and a few Oaks, Stacker Butte. Washington.

Oaks of Stacker Butte.

True fall glory in Underwood,  Washington.

Low hanging fruit at the mouth of the White Salmon river. Washington.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Olive Island: Sh┼Źdoshima

Welcome to Sh┼Źdoshima Japan the birthplace of the Japanese olive industry. Olive trees have been grown on the island since 1908.  Now the island has become a popular tourist destination, complete with an olive park and Japanese bath house.

  While there are some 40 species of Olea in the world, Olea europea is the dominate one used in what most people call olive oil. Olea europea is typicaly associated with Mediterranean climates, I was surprised to find a semblance of an olive oil industry in rainy Japan.  Olives seem to be a popular ornamental tree in urban areas of Japan, I spotted them in all the major cities and a few small towns.. 

The following photos contain all the cultivars present in the Olive park. The park had a diverse selection of cultivars from all over the world, many familiar to me as well as some new ones from Australia and Chile.

Wagga Verdale





Nevada blanca? 





Tiny Oil Kalamata 
Hardy's Mammoth



There was a museum in the park, with little information in English. I found the old labels to be really interesting. As always Japanese graphic design amazes me.

Back out in the park more sights one does not associate with Japanor Olives.. 

I imagine planting on terraces help improve the drainage.

This grove must of contained some of the oldest olive trees on the island.  

Some very well established trees.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Japan: Tokyo and Saitama.

Urban solace.  
Nightscapes. Tokyo.


Cemetery in downtown tokyo. 

I saw melons all over growing as summer shade. Saitama.

Lycoris radiata alba growing near a baseball field in Saitama.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A nearby Burn

Some stranges patterns emerge after the fire.

Pseudotsuga menziesii crispy.  

Acer circinatum

Acer macrophylla.