Friday, September 22, 2017

Japan Part 2

Signs are cute. 

Painting on the ferry.  

Welcome to Olive Island.

An odd sight.  


A song about olives. 

The Olive Line.

Inside of my friends studio.

A cryptomeria plantation. 

Elaeagnus of some sort. 

A spooky building.

Work in progress.  

Attention to detail. 

Interior of a house.

I hit my head on that doorway enough times. 
The mollusk museum. 

Japan Part 1 Shikoku, Mugi.Takamatsu.

Perfection in Ritsurin Garden.

A genius garden cart.  Ritsurin Garden.
Ritsurin Garden cycad collection.

Aucuba japonica. 


Buildings with a good sense of place.

A perfect bench.

Takamatsu street scene. 

Close up.

Yucca rostrata, Australian grown. 

A perfect building. 
Looking back down the 287.

My friends studio in Mugi. 

A cool handcart in downtown Mugi.

A ubiquitous aster I saw mostly on Shikoku Island.

"It's not what you got, it's what you do with what you got" - KDJ

A karaoke bar in Mugi.

An impressive temple and impressive wall a venerable pine. 

Ally in Mugi.

Mixed materials, Mugi. 

Bitter melon, Mugi.

Alcove Perfection, Mugi.